There’s something very special about hitting the open road and exploring Western Australia. You have the excitement of discovering new places and the feeling of freedom that comes with it. When you add a worthy cause, the road trip becomes even more special.

On the 3rd September 2020 around 20 pre year 2000 cars that have past their prime will be setting off on a four day adventure. The route will be largely on dirt backroads that many West Australians seldom venture on. It’s a test for both vehicles and drivers with an emphasis on having fun, mixing with locals and discovering new places.

Exploring the Outback

Known as BulldustNBack, this event raises money for children’s cancer charities such as Kids Cancer Support Group and zero2hero for youth mental health.

While on the open road, the drivers of BulldustNBack have another aim: to inspire Perth residents to explore further into the Outback and try something new on their next holiday.
This is the second year the event has been run and according to one of the coordinators, Mark Horwood of Mill Point Rotary, it wont be the last. This year, the cars will go through Roleystone, Collie, Wagin, Dryandra and Brookton.

BulldustNBack was founded in 2019 by Rotary Club of Mill Point, in honour of late member Jon Lawrance who passed away of cancer in 2018. Although very sick himself, it was seeing the suffering of younger people that moved him to do something about it.
Some of the money raised by BulldustNBack will go to Kids Cancer Support Group (KCSG).The group provides much appreciated and valuable aid for families with a love one undergoing exhausting and traumatic cancer treatments.
In 2019, $8800 was raised for KCSG through BulldustNBack.

This year Hannes Holly and his wife Naomi Holly are taking part in the BulldustNBack in honour of their young daughter Nora. At only 8 months old, Nora was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. It’s a cancer that mostly affects children under 5 years old. Hannes is driving to raise money for Neuroblastoma Australia, a charity that supports children and families going through very rough times with this type of cancer. Thankfully, Nora is now living a far more ‘normal’ life.

Nora Holly

Last year, 7 cars took part, including Mark Cenin and his 1976 Saab that had a few mechanical issues along with the Volvo’s that took part. Mark said, “The Saab needed some repairs done in the wheatbelt town of Dalwallinu. The Bridgestone dealer not only did the repairs for free, but donated $500. Country people are very generous”.

Mark and his pride and joy: 1976 SAAB

BulldustNBack is a 4 day event costing only $200 per car to register. Participants also pay a $500 levy to cover food, medical care, mechanical support and merchandise. This opens up the event to participants who are time poor or a bit cash strapped to take part in a great cause and have a an adventure at the same time.
Participants attract donations through car sponsorship, crowd-funding and fundraising events. As BulldustNBack is a not-for-profit with no paid employees, any money raised after costs is donated directly to the chosen charities.

“There is nothing like BulldustNBack. I feel so lucky to be part of this event, having the opportunity to explore unique parts of our state, all while raising money for young West Australians!”
Grace Jones, BulldustNBack volunteer and Curtin University mass communication student

Marc Cenin and Grace Jones from BulldustNBack

The general public can support the event by donating

How: Register car on the website
For more information contact: Grace Jones LinkedIn +61451177589 (all hours) (08) 9368 7500 (office hours).

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