Eyes down!

Have you been to Bingo with your Nan, or perhaps you went for the cheap drinks at the local RSL? Regardless of why, this bingo is NOT like that.

Welcome to the world of Britingo, the brainchild of UK comedian, and now Perth local, Andrew Silverwood.

Armed with our textas, bingo card and our drinks we were ready to get our winning on. There is one very important thing you need to ensure is with you- your sense of silly humour. If you’re not down for a giggle and some almost slapstick like comedy, then this is not for you. In fact, I would suggest Karen’s don’t apply, but if your name is Sharon or Darren, you’re in (You will need to see the show for that joke to make sense!).

Silverwood uses songs, history and all things that bring UK Hilarity to the Megamouth tent. Don’t be concerned that the jokes may go over your Aussie heads- they are generic enough to be loved by those from all countries. I mean who doesn’t love to mention Brexit, or the Spice Girls.

There are only five simple rules for Britingo. If you forget them, you don’t win your prize. For real.

The show is not meant for a serious time. It is at 11.10pm for a reason. You’re meant to be a little tipsy, having a great night on a weekend and just enjoying Fringe letting your hair down. The hosts of Britingo were exceptionally engaging and the audience interaction was perfect. We never quite knew what to expect, besides there would be numbers and some, well, interesting prizes like a blow up unicorn. The ultimate prize being $100 which is definitely worth staying up late for!

It is quite evident by his stage presence that Andrew Silverwood has been around the comedy scene for a while and knows how to get the ultimate audience interaction. I laughed, I cried (when I didn’t win $100 – I was one number away!) and sang to Brimful of Asha. Head along, enjoy some not so serious fun and leave your cares at the door. Only on for two more nights so get your tickets soon!

WHERE: The Megamouth at The Woodside Pleasure Garden

WHEN: Tickets available January 22nd and 23rd

TIME: 11.10pm

TICKETS: Britingo! | FRINGE WORLD Festival