4 star review

What do you get when you combine a boy from Forrestfield with a Melbourne lockdown, a brand new ‘dog’ and a new career in construction? Brett Blake’s Smoko King.

Whether you’ve seen Blake’s previous shows, grew up with him in the ‘hood, or recognise him as Dustin Martin’s brother from the telly, there will be one thing you’ll never forget; Brett Blake is about as ‘Aussie’ as they come. Wielding a mullet that many a teen from Joondalup will be jealous of, and black jeans, nothing is off limits in Smoko King, and you best believe we’re going there.

Blake discusses topics throughout the show that are naturally controversial or the gags where you do that little uncomfortable laugh and look around wondering if it is ok to laugh this hard. Case and point, sex shop exploration and trying before you buy. It isn’t something to discuss at the dinner table, but it is something you’ll WANT Blake to share with you. His mannerisms, charm and wit will have you nodding, laughing and talking about the show days after.

Whether it is Melbourne lockdowns, trying to get a rescue dog or simply being the butt of the joke on a construction site, Blake takes you with him on his journey through the pandemic and how he came out the other side with a new appreciation of what it means to be a ‘rescue.’

Outrageous comedy that isn’t afraid to call out the nuances of Australian culture.

Brett Blake: Smoko King

Season has ended