This is the review of the only Fringe Show you need to see!

Brought to you by the Perth Sax Rockers , a powerhouse of 10 musicians (9 saxophonists and 1 drummer), who are all exceptionally talented and will leave you begging for more. ‘Born in the A.U.S’. is a non-stop experience – sixty minutes of ridiculously contagious fun.

Wondering just how fun? The type that says – leave your cares, stress and worries at the door! The ‘don’t take yourself so seriously’ fun. The kind of fun you have when you’re a kid, singing into a hairbrush, letting go of your inhibitions and just being present. Who doesn’t need a bit of that in 2021!

When you walk into the Lotterywest De Parel Spiegeltent you are greeted with very minimal seating. Don’t be confused though- you’re here to enjoy the music. There is no pressure to get to the middle of the dance floor; there isn’t even pressure to be on the dancefloor if you don’t wish, but I can guarantee you will want to.

The show starts with an awesome little diddy “American Idiot” to get the party started and that’s where the magic starts! From there the audience is treated to a mash up of Aussie faves with some classics thrown in. Never before has their been a Sax experience so non-traditional and engaging. The Rockers bring an electric vibe. The costumes were playful, full of mullets, a little Angus and a whole lot of sexy bike shorts!

The dance floor was the place to be. There were people of all ages, genders, backgrounds and more on that dancefloor. For sixty minutes, we were all moving, singing, jumping, twisting and dancing together. When you’ve joined in a Footloose experience with someone you can never go back. We were encouraged to move near the stage, taught dance moves and we even helped decide the best pop song with the sax. Having a crowd sing ‘Living on a prayer’ together to the sound of the sax – Bon Jovi would have been proud of that moment.

Ready to get your bandana on and rock out? We knew you would.

Nothing brings people together like the joy found in music, and Perth Sax Rockers bring that joy in spades.

WHERE: Lotterywest De Parel Spiegeltent at The Woodside Pleasure Garden and The Sewing Room

WHEN: Tickets available January 17th and 18th at the Pleasure Garden and 5th and 6th February at The Sewing Room

TIME: 9:45pm and 8:30pm respectively.