4 star review

If you are after an entertaining evening filled with glitz and glamour, then lock in Big Time Burly Q2!

This show is big, bold, and quite frankly, breathtaking, from the moment you walk through the door of this disco ball inferno. Admire the ceiling draped in disco balls and watch as the light dances across the room. Settle comfortably in your seat with a giggly drink and prepare for a night of sizzling burlesque, and outrageous comedy, with a spicey side of nudity.

Through a mirage of colourful feathers, tightly cinched (and uncinched) corsets, and sparkling sequins, this stunning ensemble create a very unique show.

First, and foremost, we are introduced to the fabulous and witty hosts, Kitty Litteur, who had a rolling repertoire of good old Aussie jokes that produced a serious chuckle from the audience, and Minxy Milva who kept you engrossed in “other ways” throughout the entire show.

The ever so talented, Veruca Sour starts the show off as a lewd clown with pink neon hair, showcasing an impressive set of dance moves that really gets the crowd fired up and wanting more. There were no dull moments in this sweat inducing Beyonce number.

My favourite highlight of the night was Lucy Lovegun. She is pure glam rock, with moves that can shock. Lucy earned her tassels in Las Vegas tearing up the burlesque scene as Miss Viva Las Vegas runner up. Prepare to be amazed as she kicks her legs right up to her ears, while she uses her large, feathered fans to not so secretly disrobe.

If you love a good belly laugh, Aves Robins puts on an incredibly hilarious act that will have you laughing out loud.  Her jokes are focused around coming out of the closet, but the way she delivers them will make you feel like it is just the two of you on a night out having a drink and a yarn.

Overall, Big Burly Q2 was an unforgettable show filled with fierce and flawless talent, fun, and lots of laughs. Time to twirl your tassels Perth, and head on down to Connections in Northbridge to see this spectacular show for yourselves.

Big Time Burly Q2

Who: 18+

Where: Main Room at Connections Nightclub

When: 31st Jan – 4th Feb 2023

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Big time Burly q