There are not many places in Perth quite like Albany Highway in Vic Park. It is a true smorgasbord of cuisines from near and far and it can be one heck of a decision to know where to stop in and start your night. To make your life a little easier we’ve pulled together our Top Spots in Vic Park for you to try.

Dragon Hot Pot

With a soup recipe that is centuries old and its cook-to-order formula, it’s no wonder Dragon Hotpot has seen such great success. At Dragon Hotpot, visitors get to choose their own hotpot combinations, selecting from more than 100 ingredients to create a unique flavours every time. This makes for a fun date location, or just a great place to catch up with friends over a nourishing, delicious meal.



This modern Japanese eatery is another favourite for Vic Park residents. Yuuma brings a luxurious and sophisticated feel to its cuisine, with gourmet sushi, curries, bento boxes, noodles and more created from high-quality ingredients.

Best restaurants Victoria Park

The Prophet

A family-owned Lebanese restaurant in Vic Park, The Prophet is renowned for its authentic dishes, delicious flavours and generous serving sizes. Using premium ingredients, you can tell a lot of care goes into each dish and this restaurant offers a consistently great experience for its visitors. Choose from traditional dips, kebabs, grilled meat, seafood, and vegetarian dishes, all designed for sharing with a group.


Palace Arcade

Having had a significant birthday at this Vic Park hot spot, I am definitely biased. Not only will you have a selection of classic pizzas that are available in an impressive 16 or 22 inches for the whole this, but you also can try your hand at old school arcade games. Palace Arcade is perfect for a date night where you want to have fun, but also have space to talk.

Are we missing your fave? Let us know so we can check it out!


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