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Picture this: it’s 7pm on a Wednesday. You’ve had an early dinner so you’re starting to get a lil’ peckish. Big Brother’s no longer on TV so you twiddle your thumbs and wonder what to do for the next three hours. You could clean the kitchen or put away your laundry – but it’s the perfect time to avoid all responsibilities and message the gals… dessert? They’re in.

Let’s face it – dessert is probably the best meal of the day. And yes, I mean everyday. And while it’s become the norm to indulge in dark chocolate or a protein mug cake after dinner, I think it’s high time we normalise going out and dining in for the sweet sensation. After all, going out also means cocktails… even on a Wednesday.

Below are the four desserts in Perth worth leaving your couch for this winter;



Image Credit: The Hummus Club, Instagram



First off, I feel a bit wrong for recommending going to The Hummus Club purely for dessert and cocktails – because their dinner menu is so damn good. But then again, I don’t want you getting too full from hummus and batatas that you can’t enjoy their speciality flavoured Baklawa (or brownie!). These desserts were my first wakeup call to realising that life is way too short to not eat pastry soaked in sugar then filled with nuts and ice cream. Too short. If you have a sweet tooth, pair this bad boy with the Turkish Delight cocktail – that’s a dessert in itself – dessert in Perth royalty.




Image Credit: Bib and Tucker, Instagram



Now a moment of silence for me please as I’ve yet to venture west and try this bad boi, but when I asked my sister what the best dessert in Perth was she answered me in 0.0001 seconds and then didn’t stop talking about Bib and Tucker all day. She breaks down the meal as having a biscuit base that melts in your mouth, a banoffee ice-cream centre to die for and a meringue that’s like a cloud – then torched. She forgot to mention that it’s also a work of art that belongs in The Lourve.




Image Credit; North Street Store, Instagram



This little gem needs a bit of pre-planning, as North Street Store closes at 8pm on weeknights and even earlier on weekends, and might be sold out the closer you get to sunset. But hey, if you’re not thinking about their cinnamon scrolls all day then that’s on you. These warm-hugs-in-the-form-of-food are baked fresh throughout the day, filled to the brim with cinnamon-sugar and finished with the perfect amount of glaze to balance it all out. Seriously. Go there now. PS. NSS is take-away at dinner time, so you can eat this one in the car (we all know that’s the best place).




Image Credit; Garum Perth, Instagram



I’ll never forget the first time that I had proper tiramisu. It was from a tiny restaurant in Paris (kinda in the middle of nowhere), and to my surprise it was quite literally the best thing I’ve ever tasted. The cream was the most insane texture of smooth and the coffee-chocolate-biscuit ratio was simply perfection. When I returned from my travels I made it my quest to find a tiramisu just as good in Perth – it took two years, but I found it at Garum. You can trust it’s gonna be good when it’s a traditional family recipe and even better when it’s served in a humble ramekin – no frills, just flavour. Hold the cocktail pairing for this one, and treat yourself to a glass of red.


Where is the best dessert in Perth? Think your fave tops the lot? Comment below!

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