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“The boundary pushing Spiegeltent phenomenon returns with never been seen before acts and soundtracked by a gin-soaked, Weimar-punk jazz band.”

Having seen Little Death Club in 2019 hearing there was an all-new show, I knew this was one to add to the top of my Fringe to-do list. Last year my partner was taken on stage with Bernie Dieter (the most enchanting host of a show ever) to carry her and put on her shoe, and it was the highlight of my Fringe… what were we to expect this year?

Bernie Dieter returns with the same power and stage presence that makes men (and women) quiver. You can not help but want to watch every detail of everything she does. Bernie may have repeats of 2019’s songs and acts but you would have to be an unhappy boomer to care. A is for alcohol, and again, she gives the very best advice on behalf of all women; meow.

Without giving away all of the show (which we would happily talk about for AGES!) here are our highlights:

Fancy Chance, a beauty from New York, gave a new meaning to strength and grace. Emerging from a butterfly came a raw, exposed performer who has strength in her hair that would make Pantene proud. If you have ever wondered why someone would strengthen their neck muscles, this will show you! Fancy Chance was simply mesmerizing.

Art Simone showcased just how much a brave person she is tackling a little Whitney Houston number. Rhythm and stage presence created a vibe that had you glued and wanting more; and more she gave… so much more. In fact, we would go as far as to say you get to find out ‘the real her.’ This particular act was fun, engaging and Art Simone’s dress had my partner saying- that is the most exceptional outfit I have ever seen (coming from a straight, non fashionista man!). The dress looked as though dipped in crystals and whoever created that deserves whatever accolades they receive.

I said it once in 2019 and I will say it again- If you only have time for one show this Fringe season (but please do support as many as you can), make it Little Death Club. You will leave feeling that tingling sensation that only the Little Death can offer.

Duration: 70 min

The West Australian Spiegeltent at The Woodside Pleasure Garden

Suitability and warnings: 18+ (Restricted)

Season- Every night until 16th Feb (Mondays excluded)

Book your tickets here