Bernie Dieter: The Dazzling Cabaret Maestro Returns to Fringe World

Perth, get ready to witness the entrancing, the electric, the extraordinary – Bernie Dieter is back! 

After conquering London’s swanky West End with her punk kabarett prowess, Bernie is ready to set the FRINGE WORLD Festival ablaze with her latest spectacle.

πŸŽͺ🌟 Step Right Up to the Sizzling Spectacular! 🌟πŸŽͺ


For those who crave the thrilling, the theatrical, and the thoroughly audacious, Bernie Dieter’s debut at the grand L’Euro Grande is a celebration you can’t afford to miss. Envision a 100-minute extravaganza where the worlds of incredible circus stunts, gender-defying aerial feats, and hair-raising sideshow converge – all pulsating to the rhythm of Bernie’s notorious haus band. Dead set, it’s wild, it’s uproarious, and it’s just the right touch of mischief.

Bernie Dieter doesn’t just bring a show; she brings a world – a kaleidoscope of talent wrapped in a night of cabaret debauchery. The L’Euro Grande, the most astonishing venue ever erected by FRINGE WORLD, becomes a palace of wonders – shrouded in secrecy, yet brimming with festive indulgence.

For those opting for premium tickets, you’re in for a treat – access to a covert bar teeming with Bernie’s hand-picked libations to start off your escapade. And for a taste of true cabaret luxury, secure one of the limited cabaret tables, complete with your own complimentary bubbles to toast to the night’s escapades.

Joining Bernie are the illustrious globe-trotters poised to take you on an unprecedented journey – including the hair-defying stunts from Bella Diosa, the aerial allure of Joe Keeley, and a succession of talents that will leave you gasping for breath. Each artist, from the spectacular Blue Phoenix to the mesmerizing J’aiMime, brings a piece of the world right to your seat in Perth.

Bernie Dieter’s unfiltered artistry has stunned audiences worldwide, accumulating an impressive trove of 5-star accolades. Now, it’s Perth’s turn to be spellbound. With performances that linger in your soul long after the curtains close, this season is set to eclipse all expectations.

🎟🍾 Your Ticket to Full-Frontal Extravagance πŸΎπŸŽŸ

Tickets are vanishing quicker than a magician’s rabbit, so act fast! Ready your senses for an evening of lavish laughter, forbidden delights, and uninhibited amazement.Β Book now for a rendezvous with the queen of cabaret herself, Bernie Dieter, and surrender yourself to an evening you’ll recount for ages.


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Remember, darling, in Bernie’s world, no dream is too daring, no night too long. Will you be there to join the revelry?