4 star review

In an era where the word comedian has become so loosely applied including everything from a tiktok “celebrity” to the funny guy in the office the true art of pure standup comedy is becoming increasingly rare. Thankfully both Squirly (RAW Comedy National Finalist & Melbourne International Comedy Festival) and Pony (RAW Comedy State Finalist, The Motherhood Comedic Group) bring the artform back to its roots in their debut two hander ‘Beating Round The Bush’, an authentic shared experience of funny musings and ridiculous anecdotes by two seasoned performers.

I would not be afraid to sit in the front row of this show as they were not pretentious and never spoke down to the audience, but rather brought us in to share a few stories of what these country folk have learnt all about us city slickers. Although there are moments of crass humour, it never lacked nuance and it was clear why both Squirly and Pony have become so prolific in the WA comedy scene.  Pony is adept at using physicality in her story telling and Squirly has fantastic comedic timing and impressions with both being able to read the crowd effectively.

I feel retelling any of their jokes here, would diminish their effectiveness as they simply need to be experienced live in a comedy venue, but I will say they do things very differently in Gidgegannup and Exmouth. There is a warmth in their style and after individual comedic sets, Pony and Squirly share the stage for a ridiculously endearing country themed song to close the show.

This is pure WA Comedy, locally grown, free range, organic and shipped straight from the farm to the Laugh Resort in Perth.

Beating Round The Bush With Pony and Squirly

Who: Rated M

Where: The Laugh Resort at The Shoe Bar & Cafe and Balmoral Hotel

When: One Show Remaining 4th February Balmoral Hotel

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