A sensual variety show full of talent, narrated by the devil himself.

By Lauren Halford

Produced and headlined by Fringe regular Whisky Amore, Arcana pulled together a wonderful line up of local talent- from burlesque, to dance, to contortion. Each performer was given their time to shine and interpret their card from the Major Arcana.

The Devil’s Temptation was my first introduction to Sam Madame, the evening’s MC, and let me tell you- I was tempted. A commanding stage presence combined with a sultry voice and (AT LEAST) 8 inch heels, the Devil is a force to be reconned with. Monologues were clear and well spoken, although at a few times where the kittens (stage hands) prepared the stage for the next performer I wish I had heard more. As it was, intervals stretched a little long without any audience engagement.

As someone who has familiarity with the art of tarot and the interpretations of the Major Arcana, I think my enjoyment of the show would have been heightened if I had been aware of the card each performer was interpreting before the act. As it was, our devilish MC offered these cards to us in the curtain call, which is when some of the performance concepts ‘clicked’ for me.

As for my show highlights;

Essie Foxglove gave us art on stage. Their standout performance harnessed the concept of the show, costuming, and props to create a show stopping act that embodied temptation- and their card, The Tower. This performance is a must see, and I will be seeking out her shows in the future for more.

Fresh talent Danisa Snake stunned in their saucy serpent inspired routine. Their movements were captivating, her routine polished, and the audience enjoyed every moment.

Kitty Litteur, reigning Miss Burlesque Perth and Burlesque Muse 2021 is always a delight to watch. Something I have come to realise is that tassel twirling is an absolute art form, and they have perfected it! Sprinkling in her signature comedic charm, Kitty had us all smiling and cheering along with her escapades, and skilful use of props.

Overall, Arcana: The Devils Temptation was a well done show with an interesting concept, and incredibly talented cast. I look forward to seeing what each of these performers can bring to audiences next!


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