I recently had the pleasure of watching the Acrobatch Circus at the City of Belmont’s “The Imaginarium” – a performance showcasing how we could creatively beat boredom during any lockdowns – and with a wholesome PG rating!



In a world where we’re no longer in lockdown, this acrobatic troupe took us on a journey that transported us back to a place of curious uncertainty – surviving on Uber Eats, “reputable” Government Health Advice, all whilst trying to make sense of it all.  Throw in a bit of Mesopotamian history and…maybe it’s the wrath of the ancient Gods?? The mind will wonder, and any idea is worth exploring. (might as well, got plenty of time!)  Who is this Nergal guy?


Appeasing Nergal Trailer from Acrobatch Circus on Vimeo.


Their acts were not just about the incredible physical feats but also a reminder of the boundless human spirit and the power of collaboration to overcome challenges. It made me think that if I were ever to find myself in lockdown again, I’d much prefer to hang out with these guys and their infectious energy and “can do” attitude. (not to mention engage in some “fashionable” surprises!)  By the way, I’ll never play Jenga the same way again. Level up I say!

The way they seamlessly transitioned, effortlessly balancing on one another, was a testament to their immense talent and dedication. Fondly reminded me of my youth and the innocence of physical play.  The joy of being creative with bodily positions rather than today’s enjoyment of…stagnantly starting at screens…

The juggling skills displayed by this group were nothing short of remarkable. Their precision and timing were impeccable, and the way they managed to juggle multiple objects in perfect harmony left me wondering 1/ how on earth they did it, and 2/ how many years of practice I’d need to graduate from my basic 1 orange and 1 apple!?!?


I left the show with a heart full of joy and a renewed sense of wonder about the world. It’s amazing how a group of talented acrobats can make you change your “miserable” perspective of lockdown, and the troubles of the world, to transport you to a place of pure delight and imagination. If you ever have the chance to see this acrobatic act, don’t miss it. I promise you’ll be left with a smile on your face and a wish that you could spend more time with these incredible artists, especially during those long lockdown days!

Want to check them out?

Click here for deets on their upcoming shows here