4 star review

If you’re a fan of dry, quick-witted, and wildly inappropriate British humour, then this one is
for you.

Andrew Silverwood’s stand-up comedy act – I Really, Really want a Zig-A-Zig Ah .. And a Nap – is filled with observational and anecdotal humour, covering everything from his experiences being a Brit trapped in Perth during the pandemic, to him coming to terms with turning 30.

Some people are born to be in the spotlight, and Andrew Silverwood is certainly one of them. Silverwood is a compelling storyteller, and his ability to seamlessly transition between topics all while keeping the audience engaged and laughing truly impressive. His quick wit, combined with his mannerisms, charisma, and overall stage presence create a very entertaining experience for showgoers and it’s unsurprising that he’s seen success across international stages.

Nothing is off limits to Silverwood, and he manages to shock and entertain the crowd with his unpredictable and outrageous comments on anything and everything. If you think “he wouldn’t possibly go there”…he absolutely will. But, this philosophy also extends to himself and Silverwood certainly knows how to have a laugh at his own expense – creating hysteria in the audience with his self-aware comments and sharing some truly embarrassing
personal stories.

From his (weird) six days back home visiting family, to the events leading to his classic car purchase, finding excitement in his 30s, the boy scouts, deciphering Australian colloquialisms and much, much more, Silverwood’s comedic delivery and gift of story-telling has you relating to things that are actually not relatable at all.

I must say, if you (or the friend you’re bringing) are likely to be offended, this may not be quite your style. And definitely do not bring your mum. But, there’s a reason Andrew Silverwood is recognised around the world for his stand-up comedy acts, so if this sounds like your type of humour we highly recommend grabbing your tickets before they sell-out!

4 stars

Andrew Silverwood: I Really, Really, Really want a Zig-A-Zig Ah .. And a Nap

Who: 15+

Where: The Pocket at The Pleasure Garden

Monkey Bar

When: 20-29th of January, 12th of February (Mandurah), 17-19th of February

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