5 star review fringe 2023

What could be better than leaving the kids at home on a Thursday night and heading to see a comedy show about motherhood, chaotic toddlers, and nipple tassels? Seriously, not much.

Amy Hetherington shares her story of being a new mum and the never-ending roller-coaster ride that goes with it. After having a baby and losing her sexiness, Amy goes on a Facebook filled quest (because where else would you go for sound advice??) to find it again. And so begins the ups and downs that are inevitable when you listen to mums in an online help group. Full of hilarious and graphic anecdotes, a bit of poking fun at her husband (in a loving way of course), so much honesty, and just a smidgen of over sharing, you would be absolutely kicking yourself to miss this one!

As a mum, I have honestly never seen a more relatable show. There were so many “Omg, yes, me too!” and “oh crap, tell me you didn’t!?” moments throughout. Make sure you hold on to your pelvic floor ladies, this is definitely a laugh till you pee kind of show (easier for some of us to achieve than others!).

Amy is just so much fun. Vibrant, down to earth, and full of crazy toddler energy that she’s possibly stolen from her daughter, she’s got to be, without a doubt, the funniest person in Darwin.

The vibe she creates is so friendly and welcoming, Juggle is more like a laugh between friends than a comedy show.

So whether you’re a mum, a dad or just someone who is up for a good laugh (especially at someone else’s expense) this show is for you. With so many shows to choose from at Fringe, you have to make sure Amy Hetherington is on your list!

Amy Hetherington: Juggle

Who: Rated M

Where: Upstairs at The Kalamunda Hotel

When: Season ended


Amy Hetherington: Juggle