4.5 star Fringe Show review

Some things you can’t do alone and for those things you need a friend.
– Alex and Evie and the forever falling rain

‘Evie has just moved into a town where it never stops raining. And Evie does NOT like the rain. On the day before her 10th birthday, Evie decides that she’s going to stop the rain so that she can have a fabulous birthday party with all her friends. Teaming up with her new neighbour Alex and her reluctant talking cat, Amadazeus, the three friends find themselves on a grand adventure to stop the rain and save Evie’s party.’

This is an original and heartfelt play about friendship, teamwork and working with both to overcome your fears. Little theatre goers will love the humour, high energy performance, and the interesting and unique characters that they are introduced to.

Everyone in the audience is captivated before the show even begins as members of the cast engage and interact with the crowd in full character and provide a little preview of what’s in store. There were so many brilliant little nuggets of wisdom dispersed throughout the play.

However, the most impressive part was that key elements of the storyline and any important messages the actors wanted to get across to the audience were covertly repeated at least once. This clever inclusion gave all members of the audience the opportunity to remember and understand exactly what had happened, a brilliant idea for the youngest members of the crowd.

Held in a rather intimate space, it’s easy to get swept up and feel like you’re on the journey with Alex and Evie. The set and props are perfect for the play, simple yet effective, making sure that all attention is on the actors and the beautiful story that they’re creating.

There was just so much to love about this play! Alex and Evie and the Forever Falling Rain is the show everyone in the family needs to see, regardless of age.


Alex and Evie and the Forever Falling Rain

Who: All ages show (family friendly)

Where: Studio Underground at the State Theatre Centre of WA

When: 20 – 28 January 2023

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Alex and Evie Fringe Review Perth