Have you ever smelt that specific smell that took you back to your Nana’s delicious home-made cooking as a child? Or brushed past a woman on the street who smelt EXACTLY like your high-school BFF? Smell is arguably one of the most important elements in making and recalling memories, as well as being able to lift you up and make you smile in just an instant! Perth local Miriam prides herself on being ‘All about the fragrance”, owning her beautiful hand-made store – Adora Perfumery.

Adora Perfumery began about five to six years ago when Miriam, surrounded by essential oils, realised how she had forgotten the real value of smell and the joy it can bring. But after studying and researching perfumery, Miriam was disappointed in the range of perfumes available on the market, as modern-day fragrances tended to be too sweet and candy-inspired. So one day her husband Rino said to her “stop complaining about them and start making your own”- and so she did!

Adora Perfumery offers a diverse range of affordable fragrances including home fragrances such as reed diffusers, car diffusers, vaporiser blends and soy wax melts and perfume fragrances. These all vary in being light, fresh and floral, to heavy musks, zesty, citrus and cool herbaceous, sweet and tantalising to ethereal and mystical. Miriam really has a scent for everyone!

You will only find full-strength fragrances at Adora (or ‘eau de parfum’ for those of us who are a little bit fancy!), using 20-25% essential oils, with other companies opting for much less. With a fuller strength perfume, this minimises the need to re-apply as often and as liberally, saving you moolah in the long run!


Miriam’s latest creations include a retro-style of perfumes named ‘Vivienne’, a tribute to the 1920’s style of fragrance. This process involves a hell of a lot of researching and experimenting with scents from the 18th and 19th centuries, with many materials being extremely difficult to source or produce due to their age! Miriam hopes to make these available in the next six months.

Adora Perfumery is also a sustainable, ethical local biz (can we get a hell yeah!), offering supply refills for diffusers and fragrances and making the bottles recyclable. They use no single-use plastics, with biodegradable packaging made largely by a local Perth printer who uses solar power for most of their production. Any waste paper is then mulched and used as compost!


Miriam’s true passion is perfumes and has created her business based on that ethos, with five perfumes for women and three for gentleman now available. If you’re anything like me, your everyday morning routine will involve a serious spritz of your fave perfume to start the day feeling fresh and fabulous AF. If you haven’t found your own fave scent yet, I highly encourage you to check out Adora Perfumery!

You can catch Adora Perfumery at the upcoming Perth Makers Market, Perth’s best and all-inclusive market this Friday from 4-9pm at Yagan Square. Come say hi to Miriam and let her help you find your perfect signature scent, you won’t be disappointed!

Find them on Facebook here.

Written in collaboration with Perth Makers Market and all images credit to Adora Perfumery