Michele and Dario Franzinelli hardly go to the supermarket – because they grow almost EVERYTHING in their backyard!

I am not exaggerating. In less than half an acre of land, Michele and Dario have managed to squeeze every imaginable fruit, vegetable and herb. There are hundreds of types of food plants in their backyard. It truly is an inspiration.

When I visited many moons ago, I was treated to starfruit and barbados cherries straight from the trees. Dario was also telling us about how he needed to trim back the macadamia trees which were blocking sun from the rest of the patch.

Listening to Dario, you know that they live and breathe the sustainable lifestyle. They eat directly out of their garden, preserving any excess produce they have. Plants are pruned to a manageable height, with green matter composted or mulched. It’s a harmonious cycle that they relish maintaining. This passion for the self-sustaining lifestyle has culminated into generosity for sharing their wisdom.

Michele and Dario welcome visitors, so you can marvel at this glorious Eden with your own eyes. If you don’t have time to spare for a visit, pop into their virtual patch on Facebook. Michele and Dario lovingly update it with what’s happening at the patch and play host to a dedicated forum of avid gardeners. It’s the best place to ask for advice with regards to edible gardening or even celebrate a recent win in your own garden. They also encourage seed and cutting swapping, so if there’s something unique you’re hoping to find, there’s a good chance that someone in that group will be able to help out.

So if you’re hoping to kickstart your own backyard food forest, get in touch with the patch!

*All photos in this post are courtesy of Michele Franzinelli