By Claire Wilson

“Want to hear a joke about a fridge?”

 “The Pilbara was the first time I’ve ever heard the line ‘pass us the riesling you c**t!’”

 9 at 9 is a colourful lineup of all the latest and greatest comedians from around Perth and Australia, sprinkled with a few (lucky) internationals that have managed to get into Western Australia for this season’s Fringe Festival. For nearly two hours on Wednesday’s at 9pm, nine comedians take the stage in five minute stints with one objective. To make you laugh!

 The Laugh Resort at The Shoe Bar in Yagan Square is an intimate setting for a stage that comes to life with humor, wit, good-natured banter and insults. With the lineup changing week to week, it’s a safe bet for those wanting a Fringe show with next to no ‘admin.’ Just turn up, sit back with a drink and laugh until your face hurts.  

 No matter your past experiences, comedy can be a polarising medium for both performers and audiences. I really valued the diversity that the 9 at 9 programming showed, giving stage time to people from different races, genders, sexual orientations and ages. Everyone in the room saw at least one act that they could relate to either with personal experience or humor. And importantly, they probably saw one or more that challenged their views. Of course, this can be an awkward moment for either party when there is laughter at an unexpected moment, or none at the perfect moment. But without moments like these Fringe Festival wouldn’t be the exceptionally popular and successful festival that it is today. 

Before you go, here’s a pro tip (for those still figuring it out), if you aren’t comfortable to be called upon throughout the show, perhaps multiple times, sit up the back where it’s dark. But if you’re up for it, the front row is a great spot to hang out if you are single, drunk or both.

Those who are comedy buffs might be familiar with names like Claire Hooper, Hughesy, Dave Callan and Rove. They are the big names who started their careers at Laugh Resort which today is one of the only known associations run by, and for the industry. It was founded in 1991 and is still kicking on healthily, heartily today – if you go to one of their shows you’ll see why.

 This show is perfect for anyone who wants to be entertained or feel lighter. And who doesn’t want that? Seriously, you should go.

Check out The Laugh Resort here!