Oh, the 80’s a time when fringes were high, double denim was cool and we all just wanted to wear as much fluro as humanely possible. Good times are brought back with 80’s Mixtape This FRINGE.

There are not many shows that promise 80’s vibes that truly pull it off, but the team from Perth based, Kaleido Company, did just that. Hula hoops, roller-skates, pop song cliché montages, glitter thrown from heights… yes – it was all there.

The crowd was filled with those dressed in their best 80’s gear, and although it is not a necessity, I would strongly encourage it. The audience walked in to the best of the eighties pumping and we were ready to go!

What makes 80’s Mixtape stand out from the rest is that it truly has something for everyone. Fire, interpretative dance, circus, comedy – the perfect show! The M, played an 80’s icon almost too well. His humour and crowd work was exceptional. Tying the 80’s to 2021 with a mullet search.. brilliant!

The most impressive aspect was the obvious development that had gone into the show. There was an effortless team comradery. The use of each other’s bodies to create a spectacular circus experience will leave you astounded and in awe. Who knew a man in a harness could create such a memorable silks routine or THAT much fire could be in one place and still be safe.

This is a show that will be loved by young and old. Each act is unique and you will be on the edge of your seat throughout.

Be ready to join the highway to the danger zone and strap on in!


fringe review - 4.5 stars

WHERE: Big Top at The Woodside Pleasure Garden

WHEN: Running through to February 7th, but keep your eyes out for more shows due to Covid-19 lockdown.

TIME: 7.40pm

TICKETS:  80’s Mixtape | FRINGE WORLD Festival

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