In recognition of World Environment Day, we thought we’d shout out some wonderful Perth enterprises which are doing their bit for a greener Perth.

Perth City Farm

There are so many amazing community-led, urban projects running across our Australia. One of our favourites is Perth City Farm.

This half hectare haven in East Perth used to be an industrial site. It has since been rehabilitated and is now an urban farm, recycling hub and vibrant community space. The farmers’ markets run weekly on site and they also run various community events from story time to cheesemaking and fermentation. The onsite cafe is currently closed but the team are hoping to get it up and running in the near future. So make sure you follow them on Facebook or Instagram for all the latest updates!

Donut Waste

Donut waste is dedicated to turning Perth into a circular community. It envisions a future where resources are shared or reused and landfills are rendered obsolete. While they offer a range of services, the one which caught our eye involves rehoming used beer clips.

The majority of beer can clips are made of High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE). HDPE is known for its durability, making them ideal for reusing.

Donut Waste has established 75 collection points across Perth and the Peel region to do just that. They collect the clips for sorting and cleaning before sending them off to our local breweries to be reused.

As beer can clips can’t currently be recycled by local programs, reusing is the only real option for keeping them out of landfill. Donut Waste has saved a staggering 143,884 plastic beer clips from entering landfills since its inception.

So the next time you buy a 6 pack, keep them in mind. You can find your nearest collection point here.

Eco Options AU

Have you ever thought of going green but struggled with knowing where to start? You will soon be able to buy all your eco-friendly products under one roof. Eco Options AU is just about to launch a full eco marketplace in WA! From bath, beauty and home products to gifts (and everything in between), hundreds of businesses showcasing their wares in one convenient digital space. We’re excited for this marketplace and will be keeping an eye on their socials for a launch date!

Do you know of any other enterprises doing environmental good? Drop us a line, we’d love to hear about them!