The whirlwind of “2 Outrageous” has descended upon Fringe World Perth!

Weaving a tapestry of death-defying acrobatics, contortion, and audacious circus feats that left everyone speechless. This show wasn’t just a performance; it was a high-octane celebration crafted by the award-winning troupe, Kinetica.

The air was electric as the performers executed breath-taking aerials that seemed to defy gravity and logic in equal measure. A vibrant splash of fire acts ignited the crowd’s excitement, while the melodic undercurrent of live music threaded the acts together into an intoxicating display of talents.

Expect more than your run-of-the-mill circus; “2 Outrageous” offers an alluring twist on circus tradition, fusing it with contemporary spectacle that pulsates with energy, enough to enthrall fringe lovers across the age spectrum. No wonder XPressMag hailed it as an unceasing “visual delight” and Fringefeed assured your time and money’s worth was with this ensemble.

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