Heading into this show hoping for something a little R Rated? Unfortunately there will be no nudity, but you’ll have so much fun you won’t be disappointed.

Tim Motley is our host playing Dirk Darrow- Private Investigator. Hailing from Philadelphia, Motley promises a show full of fun, comedy and magic.

The scene is a 1930s mental hospital and the one and only Detective Dirk Darrow arrives to investigate a murder. The detective must work to interrogate an ever increasing number of suspects from within the hospital. Each new character bringing a more bizarre and whacky story than the last, with Motley creating their back stories with ease and minimal props- a show with imagination.

In what was an exceptionally hot and stuffy room, Motley kept the audience engaged for the full 60 minutes. With twists and turns in this crazy investigation there were intelligent quips and seemingly off the cuff comments that many in the room enjoyed, with it not hitting the mark with some. We were entertained with sleight of hand, quick responding magic; physiological tells that meant Motley could read the audience members mind; a comical rap that used the word ‘zebra’ in more ways than I thought possible and a card trick that made me jump. Yes, all of this in one 60 minute show.

As always I asked the other audience members their take on the show as we were walking out. Two other punters shared the same sentiments as me; 2 Nuts for Dick Tricks is written with many layers. Many of the jokes that provided the biggest belly laughs for the three of us were the ones that were subtle and not in your face. An absolute testament to Tim Motley whose 20 years as a comedian, mentalist, magician, actor, radio show host, improviser, a busker and variety performer absolutely shone through in his writing.

A regular on the Fringe circuit for a reason. Highly recommended.

WHERE: Multiple Rooms at Girls School

WHEN: Various dates through to the 9th Feb

TICKETS: 2 Nuts for Dick Tricks: A Dirk Darrow Investigation