4 star review

We arrived a bit early for the 110% Michael Shafer show, headed down an alley for a drink in an urban fringe bar set up.

Then down the well-worn stairs into the basement of the old Liberty Theatre.

The stage was set up with a TV screen with black curtains. On the TV screen was an image of Michael Shafer. His face is familiar from his TV appearances.

Michael appeared on stage and began telling his stories starting with how he hasn’t been in Perth for a few years.

Over the hour, Michael covered just about every awkward subject including racism, his own Judaism, the Catholic Church, paedophilia, vaccination, drunk driving, politics and his own cancer journey. Often not politically correct and not easy topics to broach, but just when it gets a bit tense, Michael breaks that tension with joke.

The size of the room meant we were up close and personal, seeing facial expressions. Alongside the comedy, we also got to hear what is important to Michael following his cancer journey, being Jewish and becoming an Internet celebrity (you will have to see the show to understand that one).

Michael’s relaxed and easy delivery combined with challenging, thought-provoking material had the audience laughing (a lot) and cringing at the same time.


110% Michael Shafer

Who: M15+

When and Where: 27, 28, 29, 31 January 1-5 February Basement at Liberty Fringe

3, 4 February: Fremantle Comedy Factory

11 February: Upstairs at The Kalamunda Hotel

12 February: Charlie’s at Brighton Hotel

Tickets here