Although things are slowing getting back to normal around here in Perth, there are still industries that seem to be receiving the short end of the stick. A multitude of events are being cancelled and postponed due to the outbursts of Covid-19 cases all over Australia, particularly in the Arts.

With the conclusion of Job Keeper just around the corner, Support Act recently announced a 10-million-dollar funding support, provided by the Australian Government. The $10million in funding announced by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will ensure “MusicKeeper” and “CrewKeeper” grants of $2000 for live entertainment workers that are currently unable to obtain a steady income due to Covid-19 restrictions can be delivered.

Live entertainment workers (artists, crew members and performance workers) continue to struggle to hold events with the travel and border restrictions, along with the limits on live show venue capacities.

Support Act as an organisation supports artists, crew and music workers, by providing financial relief, along with mental health and wellbeing support.

CEO of Support Act Clive Miller, was pleased by the support provided by the Government in order to keep live entertainment workers from sinking income due to Covid-19 restrictions.

“Support Act is very pleased that the Australian Government has recognised the special challenges live entertainment workers will continue to face over the next six months as JobKeeper ends but restrictions on standing capacity in venues and border uncertainties remain,” he said.

This also gives the organisation the opportunity to continue their work with wellbeing and mental health within the industry. For example, Support Act Wellbeing Helpline, Manager Support Hotline, First Nations Dedicated Helpline, Mental Health First Aid Training, Workplace Wellness Check Ins, Tune Ups mental health content series, On My Mind open access webinars and more.

For more information and applications for “MusicKeeper” and “CrewKeeper” Crisis Relief Grants please visit the Get Help page via the Support Act website.