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Indian Ocean Hotel Scarborough

Catch Otiuh’s most intergalactic set yet at Indian Ocean Hotel in T-minus three weeks. SPACE JAM is their most brazen track yet and sees Jahmeil take the lead lyrically to tell his ‘coming to Australia’ story – from boarding a plane from the USA age two to hustling at this day job here in Perth...


Indian Ocean Hotel Scarborough

UPTOWN is back, After a great opening night Uptown is back for one last dance before the week ends.  The Indian Ocean Hotel is once again providing Scarborough’s trendiest venue for our DJ’s to put on another sell out show.  Come enjoy a beverage by the pool or a boogie on the dance floor. Tickets...

Back In Black 40th Anniversary Tribute Show

Indian Ocean Hotel Scarborough

Hells Bells returns to the Indian Ocean Hotel Sat 17rd October for the 40th Anniversary of Back In Black. Back In Black was released 25th July 1980 and is, not only AC/DC's biggest selling album, but also the number one selling rock album of all time. With songs that captured a new legion of fans...