Massage your way to good skin – Perth’s Vegan coffee scrub

Massage your way to good skin – Perth’s Vegan coffee scrub

If there’s anything I learnt from being a barista for three years, it’s that Perth goes through a hell of a lot of coffee. I also learnt that most of the precious coffee grounds are discarded after brewing. Or, cafes are left to find people who will collect it for their gardens.

It’s really sad to see such useful coffee being tossed in the bin. Enter… Scrub Skin Co.

Proudly made in Perth, Scrub Skin Co provides the perfect answer to this dilemma. Their delicious coffee skin scrubs are made with recycled coffee grounds from Perth cafes and plenty of love. I was pretty freaking excited to take the plunge and try their original ‘only coffee’ scrub on my skin.

On paper, this brand ticks all my boxes:

  • Locally-made
  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • Natural ingredients with no added nasties

But, as we all know, a product is only as good as its performance. So off I hopped, into my shower and scrubbed this stuff all over.

Upon opening the bag, you are instantly hit with a good whiff of coffee – one of my most favourite and comforting scents, it took me right back to being behind the machine.  I massaged the scrub into my skin, concentrating on the drier spots like my elbows and knees. It was incredibly refreshing to rub this in, like infusing the feeling of fresh right into my body.

It’s then suggested you leave it on for at least five minutes to let the scrub work its magic. This is when the coconut oil and vitamin e will nourish your skin. It’s a little awkward to let it sit when you’re in the shower, but I imagine in the warmer summer months I will be happy to chuck it on and turn the hot water off while in soaks in. This slight hiccup aside, I followed the instructions and let it get to work.

Washing it off, my skin felt revitalised and smooth. I often avoid moisturising my skin because I detest the feeling of stickiness on my legs. This scrub is the solution, allowing me to soothe and nourish my skin while in the shower, so that I can dry off with no cares in the world. There is something very cathartic about this scrub – the perfect morning routine to perk you up for a day of work.

Scrub Skin Co has packed the energy, body and essence of coffee into little bags of self-care. While it’s not the only coffee scrub on the market, Scrub Skin co provides us every reason to support them. If you’re going to give coffee exfoliants a try, why not send your money to an awesome Perth business doing their bit to reduce waste.

Ready to scrub your way to bright, smooth and nourished skin? You can find Scrub Skin Co in select cafes around Perth, or on their website. They also carry ‘wild orange’ and ‘vanilla relaxing’ if that’s more your style.

Starting from just $16.95, Scrub Skin Co’s products are the ideal gift or stocking filler. As much as we hate to admit it, Christmas is just around the corner, so jot them down for your ethically or beauty minded friends.

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Image credits – Scrub Skin Co.