Under the active-scope: LAfit Studio

Under the active-scope: LAfit Studio

You might have heard of a reformer but have you heard of a Megaformer? Brought to Perth in 2015 by LAfit Studio owners Jaye Cuypers and Claire Chidgzey, working out on the Megaformer has been likened to a reformer on steroids, but is it really? This month for Under the active-scope, I got my muscle shake on with LAfit Studio. Read on to find out why this is my all time favourite workout.

The Megaformer was created in 2005 by fitness trainer Sebastien Lagree who wanted to find a way to ‘put the sweat into pilates’. He took the traditional reformer machine and advanced it to include more strength and cardio training. The total-body conditioning workout that is done on a Megaformer is known as the Lagree method. The method promotes fat loss without bulking muscles through low impact, high intensity training.


While the Megaformer machine bares some resemblance to the reformer, Lagree is NOT pilates. The focus on slow controlled movements, working multiple muscle groups simultaneously with minimal transition time between moves, make Lagree a more effective overall fitness method.

I first discovered the Lagree Method in 2017 when a friend of mine took me to a class at LAfit Studio. I’ll never forget the intense burn I felt my first time on the Megaformer. I was using muscles I didn’t even know I had and my legs were shaking all over! I was assured that the shakes were completely normal and indicate that the muscles are being worked to the point of fatigue to increase muscle strength and endurance. A few more classes and I was hooked. So hooked in fact that I decided to become a trainer at LAfit studio in 2019. I wanted to teach others how to love the workout as much as I do. If you are looking to build a booty and tone the tummy, then this is the workout for you.

If a slower paced workout is not your thang, LAfit Studio still has you covered with their ride classes. I’m not the biggest fan of riding a bike, but these ride classes even have me converted. When you get on the bike you are guaranteed to sweat and smile. The dimly lit room and cranking tunes will transport you to a dance club and the energy of the instructor is highly contagious. Combining the ride classes on alternating days with the Megaformer classes will have you in the best condition of your life.

LAfit studio has an introductory offer of $50 for 3 classes. You can book online at www.lafitstudio.com.au or through the Mindbody app.