Travel the World with Cocktail Gastronomy

Travel the World with Cocktail Gastronomy

Has anyone else been wistfully dreaming about overseas holiday and travel? Or at the very least, being able to go to your fave restaurant or cocktail bar? Well, I’ve got some super exciting news! Perth’s specialists in custom-designed cocktails, Cocktail Gastronomy, have put together the ultimate ‘Cocktail Getaway’ so you can experience the best of travel, cuisine AND cocktails – from the comfort of your very own living room!


The Cocktail Getaway comes in the form of a big box of goodies delivered straight to your door, each week highlighting a new holiday destination. The box comes with everything you will need for your international night away (and trust me, this is DELUXE!). For me, I was heading to Paris – oui oui! My box included my two plane tickets to Paris, a Parisian-inspired three-course menu, a tailored Spotify playlist, simple instructions on how to assemble the cocktails and reheat and present the food, three cocktails in cute little glass jars (yay for being sustainable!), all of the chef-prepared food, two little French moustaches plus a cocktail shaker which can be added to any box if you don’t have one at home.

I was stoked to find that the instructions for the evening were super simple and easy to follow, with no need for any at-home ingredients or equipment apart from ice, glassware, cutlery and crockery. The box was hand-delivered by the Cocktail Gastronomy team, and we popped all of the food items in the fridge straight away and set the oven to 180 degrees to preheat. To set the mood, me and my bestie set our table with a tablecloth, stuck on our faux moustaches and put on the Parisian Spotify playlist, instantly transporting us to France.


Whilst we popped our entree in the oven (which consisted of a mouthwatering baked camembert wheel, clementine jelly and a mini baguette to share) we began to assemble our first cocktail: the Pampelle Spritz. Just as simple as the food instructions was the cocktail assembly. We only had to fill two glasses with ice, add half of the Pampelle Spritz jar and half of the Pink Moscato to each glass, garnish with a dehydrated grapefruit slice and viola! The rest of the evening’s meals, which consisted of a Sidecar cocktail and coq au vin with lemon thyme mash potato for main and a Chocolate Martini and “death by chocolate” fondant for dessert were just as easy to reheat, assemble and present, not to mention absolutely delish – without the hassle of actually cooking anything.


Beginning this weekend (8th of May), with preorders essential by every Wednesday, Cocktail Gastronomy are launching their Cocktail Getaway boxes to the public. Each week is a new destination with a new menu and new cocktails to devour, beginning with Paris and taking the people of Perth all over the world, from Venice to New York, London to Mexico. Each box costs approx. $75 per person, which is amazing value for what you actually are getting – and I would highly recommend to everyone looking for a hot new date night idea or a gals dinner and cocktail night. The Cocktail Getaway will not disappoint!

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