Time’s Up Escape Rooms

Time’s Up Escape Rooms

A serial killer on the loose, a locked room and 60 minutes to escape before impending doom!

Equipped with only a walkie-talkie, a hoard of ridiculous dress-up attire and our wits, me and three of my finest friends entered ‘The Pursuit’ room at Time’s Up Escape Rooms in Wanneroo. Despite always wanting to try an escape room, this was my first ever escape room experience and man, was it an epic afternoon!

The Pursuit Room

“You have been led to an apartment by an anonymous caller, tipping you off with the location of the elusive ‘HCK’ serial killer, whom you have been after for 8 months.
You arrive at the address; the door is slightly ajar. Knowing he may have a hostage, and eager to catch the killer off guard, you foolishly enter the premises without back up. The door slams behind you! You’re trapped!”

As the door locked behind us and the timer flashed a bright red 60:00- It. Was. On. Playing the ‘detectives’ hot on the trail of an infamous serial killer, we had a series of clues set up to help us escape. Without giving away too much, the room featured a super-cool ‘Stranger Things’-inspired wall, a bathroom cabinet, a study desk and a locked cabinet. With no overly obvious giveaways, finding the first clues was a frenzy of scouring the room for anything and everything that looked like it was out of place.

With one clue leading us to another and another, if you do get stuck at any point you can use your team’s walkie-talkie to get help to point you in the right direction. Although this feels like you’re cheating in a way, the staff assured us that even the smartest of the smart need a little help every so often, and more often than not you are already almost there.

After a bunch of twists, turns and mind-boggling puzzles, we managed to escape with 15 minutes left to spare. With the current record being 22 minutes to escape, I felt as first-timers we did a pretty good job!

As a serious lover of Netflix murder docos and true crime, The Pursuit was the perfect room for a serial-killer junkie like me, and as we left the Time’s Up Escape Rooms, I can honestly say we all wanted to go straight back to complete the other 2 rooms.

Each room has a totally different theme with a certain amount of people allowed to play. The Pursuit is, as mentioned above, a serial killer-style room which is for 2-4 people. Wanted is the second room, where you are a convict waiting for your execution in the gallows and is for 2-8 people, whilst The Grinchmare Before Christmas has you pretending to be elves helping Santa get his factory back up and running, and is for 2-6 people.

A sneaky 4th room is in the works, which I’m sure will be just as spectacular as the original 3. If you’re after a day full of light-hearted, puzzle-solving fun, Time’s Up Escape Rooms are the perfect activity for families with children as well as inquisitive adults and groups of friends, and you will definitely see me back there trying my luck in the other rooms!

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Photo: Time’s Up Escape Room Facebook

Address: 24 Dundebar Road, Wanneroo, 6065
Telephone: 08 9404 5530 or 0426 ESCAPE (372 273)
Website: www.timesup-er.com.au
Email: info@timesup-er.com.au