This Ezy Kit Takes the (Birthday) Cake!

This Ezy Kit Takes the (Birthday) Cake!

By Bec Hyland

Love the idea of making a showstopper cake but don’t know where to start?
Or maybe you’re like me, and love cake decorating, but you’re not so keen on the baking bit? Introducing Ezy Cakitz!

At Ezy Cakitz the concept is simple. No need to shop, bake or make a single thing. They deliver everything to your door ready to assemble with easy step-by-step instructions. And lets face it, in the currently climate it ticks a lot of boxes as you don’t have to leave your house, it’s a great creative activity you could the get the whole family involved in, AND you get to eat something delicious afterwards – winning!

Cake decorating is a bit of a side passion for me so I was excited to try out one of these kits as I fully appreciate the cost, time, effort and skill that goes into making beautiful cakes from scratch. And good news… I found Ezy Cakitz eliminates most of the stresses I associate with the process (including all the washing up!) as literally everything is there, ready for you to use – no baking, no mixing buttercream, no mess!!

My girls were very keen to get involved too, so it was a fun activity we could do together and they enjoyed learning about how cakes are assembled (as they are usually banished from the kitchen when I’m doing it!). They loved applying the buttercream and spinning the turntable to try and create a straight edge and (with a bit of help) were very proud of the end product!

So it looked amazing, but we all know it’s what’s on the inside that really matters, and I’m so pleased to say the cake was light and airy and the buttercream a great consistency –  both tasted delicious and fresh (not sickly sweet or plastic-y as can often happen with packaged cake mixes). In fact it was so good we took it to a party and it got demolished before I could get any photos!

It’s easy to see a lot of thought and love has gone into this business, from the beautifully packaged kits to the photo illustrated instructions and then the delicious taste of the cake itself, it’s all of a very high standard. And rest assured, hygiene is always of the highest standard in the Ezy Cakitz kitchen. Read more about their processes here.

I think apart from saving you a lot of time and effort, the beauty of Ezy Cakitz is you don’t have to be good at making and decorating cakes to produce an amazing result. And if you’re not feeling overly confident, the team at Ezy Cakitz even offer a free conference call lesson so you can be guided through the process, so you too can  make the perfect cake for your child or friend’s next birthday.

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