The Perth Man’s grooming guide

The Perth Man’s grooming guide

Hey guys what’s up? Jordan Kay here.

Welcome to my fortnightly blog at PERTH HAPPENINGS. I’m super excited to join the writing team and I cant wait to share my knowledge with you on all things fashion, beauty and life in general. Being in the fashion and entertainment industry for a while gave me the tips and tricks to always stay on-top of my game and slay everyday to the best of my ability.

With the world, we live in today, looking at influencers all the time whether it be YouTube, Instagram or Facebook can be hard; Trying to keep up with all the new trends and not to mention the cost. I’m going to let you guys in on my favourite treatments that won’t be the same price as a down payment on a house. For me it’s so important to always try to look my best. People notice when you’ve put the effort in and it does make you stand out from the crowd. In this week’s blog, you’ll find some of my favourite places to visit here in Perth and see some treatments I like to get to keep me selfie-ready!



Whether you like Natural fluffy brows or a complete brow restyle, there’s only one name you need to know. FADE (@ fadebrowstylist).  Chelsea is one of the best brow stylists there is and can make you look amazing in minutes. Located out of the beautiful Studio X in Joondalup, she will look after you and all your brow needs. For me it’s super important to keep on top of this always, can’t tell you guys how much better I feel with fresh brows. Make sure you head over to her socials and see for yourself her magical transformations. I’m sure everyone needs some TLC in these hard times, so what are you waiting for? Book your appointment now by DM’ing the Instagram account, trading Tuesday to Saturday. Let’s FADE 




Speaking about fade, let’s move on to my favourite barber who is sure to be yours too. Joel at big talk barber (@bigtalk_barber) is self-taught and will blow your mind with his talent. I’ve witnessed how amazing his skills are. Fresh fades, designs and colour, he can do it all. His studio is located off Wellington Street across from Watertown, West Perth. The cool and stylish studio makes you feel super comfortable as soon as you arrive. Once your in Joel’s chair you know magic is about to happen! A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of filming with him and check out the photos below or my IGTV for the full video. Joel looks after all his clients with good chats and positive vibes. A 10/10 service. Open Tuesday – Sunday.



I know during these difficult times it can be super challenging to maintain everything that we normally have so much access to. Do yourself a favour though, go out and enjoy a little TLC. We all deserve it and it makes you feel so good inside and out! A day at the salon, a trip to FADE, whatever it may be and don’t forget if you guys do try out these places tag us – #NOTJUSTAESTHICS and post that humpday snap so I can check out your new look!

If there are any places you, our readers know that I can check out and review for you let me know in the comments down below. Keep an eye out for me and the team on Perth Happenings and if you see me in the city come say hey!

Until then, speak soon!

Jordan Kay