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Do you:

  • Get way too excited about Perth’s newest bottomless brunches?
  • Carry your stainless steel straw in your bag wherever you go?
  • Low-key worry there is going to be a WW3 in your lifetime?
  • But, are still not exactly sure how to do your tax return?

Perth’s Millennial View is for you!

Dynamic duo Cassie @cassie__hunter and Meg @megwatsonn will be sharing Perth’s Millennial View – bringing what matters most to YOU in Perth, fortnightly. If you have a chuckle whilst reading, please give us a like, comment or share!

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What your screen time says about You

What your screen time says about You

Depending on what type of #millennial you are, you might find that the notification you get every Sunday morning is causing you more grief then your tequila-induced hangover. And no, I’m not talking about the reminders from tinder that you’re painfully single, I’m talking about your screen time.