Ten Acre Block – Perth’s tastiest vegan pop-up will stay a little longer

Ten Acre Block – Perth’s tastiest vegan pop-up will stay a little longer

If you have been sleeping on Ten Acre Block, consider this your sign to book in now – once it’s gone, it’s gone. You do not want to miss out!

Ten Acre Block has been an overwhelming success with vegans and omnivores alike, justifying the venue continuing to ‘pop-up’ until the end of November. Perth Happenings writer, foodie and resident vegan Kim Kine visited the swanky pop-up in August and was in awe of the delicious food, uniquely rustic venue and celebration of ‘ugly’ produce.

Ten Acre Block is the first of its kind not only in Perth but Australia; a high-end and completely vegan restaurant that offers a truly delicious dining experience. With renowned Chef Alejandro Saravia at the helm, the carefully curated five-course menu has resonated with the Perth foodie community ensuring that restaurant seats have been full each and every night.

“We aimed to challenge the common perception of vegan dining being bland and unexciting,” says Saravia. “Creating and cooking with West Australian produce like Warren Grange heirloom vegetables really make all the difference in our food. The seasonality of ingredients which drives what’s on our menu keeps it constantly exciting and fresh for the diner. We are excited to see more of you in the coming weeks!”

Plant based eating has exploded in recent times, going hand-in-hand with a general emphasis on wellness and good health. General Manager Rob Weeden noted that this lifestyle is here to stay. Today’s consumers are more informed and have a real need to know the story of the food we are serving. We are thrilled that Ten Acre Block can provide you that same dining experience you would have in a non-vegan restaurant, but with all the benefits and delight of vegan food.”

Ten Acre Block will be open 5.30pm Thursdays to Saturdays until November 30. Booking early is recommended to avoid missing out – bookings can be made through the Pan Pacific website, or by emailing tenacreblock@panpacific.com.