Stressed out? Here is the perfect way to switch off

Stressed out? Here is the perfect way to switch off

It is the silly season.

There are school deadlines, Christmas shopping, school holidays fast approaching, those events, what will you be doing to feed the family on Christmas Day… any of that sounding familiar?

Well before you burn out, here is a heads up. I recently experienced the most amazing relaxing, mindfulness facial and I needed to share it with you.

Eloquent Eyes is a destination beauty salon in the northern suburbs of Perth in Padbury. Whether you are a local, or would need to travel, this facial will change your life.

The Eloquent Eyes Signature Mindfulness Meditation Facial is a holistic experience designed to treat the skin, mind and soul. I will admit when I was told I would have a meditation added to my facial I was skeptical. I am not someone who switches off easily so thought, yes ok, why not give it a go, apprehensively.

When you arrive you have an initial consultation with the team and they go through what you are in for and what is most suitable for your skin. I asked many questions and got many answers – they are exceptionally knowledgeable.

As you enter the treatment space you are greeted with a crystal and a mantra chosen specifically for you. I was given a rose quartz, and for those who don’t know, the focus of the rose quartz is love. I took this as my sign that I was going to enjoy this hour of self-care and self-love.

The Signature Mindfulness Meditation Facial covers your skin, mind and power-tude (encouraging you to be the best version of yourself, make the most of life’s blessings and finding strength in inner-peace).

My facial commenced with the standard facial things such as a cleanse which was lovely. Eloquent Eyes use quality Ginger and Me products and their reputation is well placed.

The skin section was amazing, but it was the next phase that had me hooked.

The massage… oh, the massage. 

Laura is a therapist with them magic hands! My neck, my face (who knew you held stress there, truly!), my shoulders and décolletage. For someone who can’t switch off, this was certainly breaking that barrier. Did I mention Laura has magic hands? It can be hard to get the right mix of feeling like you’re doing something to the muscles, and relaxing. I was nearly tipping over into the switching off zone.

Then comes the headphones.

Being someone who enjoys being across everything to the point of burn out (I know I’m not the only one), the massage had got me to the point where I thought- Ok this meditation thing might work.

The headphones were put on and I had my eyes covered. It was initially a little uncomfortable as I had not done anything like that before. I made a promise to myself in that moment that I was going to give this a real shot. I was going to focus on what the meditation was saying and really try to switch off. (Note- you don’t try to switch off, you just switch off!)

I listened to the soothing voice taking me on a journey and within five minutes I was there. I was on that mountain, I was feeling the stress just leaving me as my mind had a break. It literally felt like it had a break. The stresses of being a business owner, a Mum, Christmas, borders opening and all the rest, just weren’t present in that moment.

When the meditation was finished it took me a few moments to want to open my eyes and be present again. This certainly lived up to its name of being a mindfulness facial.

You can see in my face below that I was relaxed as. My skin looked and felt great, my muscles were less tense, and my mind had a breather.

If you are like me and don’t have that switch off time, this may be the very best investment you EVER make in yourself.

With the 1 hour version VIP Price only $99 – it is the very best present to yourself, your kids, your husband, your wife – anyone who relies on you. You will leave renewed.

I was able to take on the day with a little more smile, a little less teeth clenching and I slept SO well that night.

This is also perfect for a present for anyone- it is not only women who need to chill out.

Head to the Eloquent Eyes website below and find out more.

Your mind will love you for it.

Eloquent Eyes


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