Some heroes offer a delivery service.

Some heroes offer a delivery service.

With SO MUCH MORE TIME in our days, we’ve all been getting a bit loopy and craving an escape. But whilst stuck indoors the only options are re-watching The Nanny for the tenth time, or scouring that copy of Woman’s Day for a rogue spelling error.

Thankfully, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, there was a local Maylands business that truly stepped up and saved us all from our VERY LOUD thoughts- Rabble Books & Games on Eighth Avenue in Maylands.

The owners, Nat and Sam love books and games (as the observant amongst you may have guessed) and the wonderful escapes that they bring. But with us all locked in our homes and talking to old photographs (not the moving ones like in Hogwarts) how could we possibly have that escape?

The answer is = A home-delivery service of your needed books & entertainment, brought to your door by kind-hearted volunteers. AWW HOW LOVELY IS THAT?

“What a heart for community!” – I hear you say. And you’re right. But the truth is, Rabble Books has always been community focussed, well before we even heard of Covid-19. They’ve always stocked books that share messages of acceptance & inclusion, and educate even our youngest readers about tolerance, gender and love. This week I picked up some books for my nephews & nieces which celebrate our first nations people & culture, and african-american protagonists. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed educating them and myself, and was impressed by the choices on offer in store. See my top picks below.

A fun & love-able insight
into aboriginal culture.
Tender, heart-warming & may make
you cry. Highlights our similarities.
Rich storytelling. A favourite
across generations.


They have also gained a lot of praise from the community for hosting Drag-Queen Storytime in their store (on hiatus during isolation) which brings those stories to life with a lot of sparkles. I am one of the honoured queens tasked with entertaining the children (not a simple task!) and their families. The fact that these spaces and books even EXIST gives me alot of hope for the future, that the next generations will be more educated and compassionate.

Cougar Morrison & audience member.
photo – Claire Alexander.

Now that restrictions are relaxing it is the PERFECT time to get out and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESSES. Drop into Rabble and you’ll instantly feel like a kid in a candy store; squealing with delight at what you’ve found, and having a good chin-wag with the staff (who are some of the kindest humans you’ll ever meet).

During scary times, it’s businesses like Rabble which restore our faith in humanity with their helping spirit and providing resources that everyone can enjoy. Rabble Books & Games allow imagination, education and fun to be accessible to everyone!


Also recommended by Cougar Morrison:

Heart-warming & promotes
Educates that loving families
come in many shapes.
A very kind tale. The importance
of community and of pride.
Rabble Books & Games
Phone:08 6244 1841
U2/46 Eighth Ave, Maylands, WA 6051