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Its time to get your friends together and kick off the summer season with Snack festival at Claremont Showgrounds on the 10th of October!

With restrictions becoming a thing of the past, we are now free to congregate and do what us millennials do best, live now and regret later.

This year the amazing team at Bar Pop have once again out done themselves creating a venue with not only a lineup of incredible performances, but an oasis of entertainment. With their fabulous bars holding an array of drink selections that will satisfy even the toughest of craft beer snobs. Feral brewing will also have its very own bar this year featuring its Iconic biggie juice East Coast IPA.

The Bar Pop team have created a layout of installations and interactive rides that include “Super giant beer pong”, karaoke, bumper cars, silent disco and a whole list of other extravagant fair rides that just add to events over whelming excitement and anticipation.

Besides the wonderland of setups, the entertainment for the night is nothing less than a huge vibe. San Cisco is one of the headlining performances set to take place on the day with a surprise performance still yet to be announced.

So, get your outfits sorted , beg mum to let you host pres and Perth Happenings will be seeing you on October 10th at Claremont Show grounds for a day and night of absolute fun.