Float Lab Wembley – Massage, Infrared Sauna and Float Tank

Float Lab Wembley – Massage, Infrared Sauna and Float Tank

Stress levels are at an all time high and we are collectively becoming more aware of the importance of self-care. If you’ve been feeling wired, frazzled and on edge and would rather feel blissful, rested and at peace, we may have the answer for you!

The mind and body are closely connected and both need to be addressed  to maximise your wellbeing. Float Lab Wembley offers a stellar range of services to help your mind and body reset, recover and recharge. Float Lab Wembley used to be the old Wembley Theatre and Gardens and you will find little heritage gems incorporated into the decor. I felt relaxed as soon as I stepped into the peaceful reception space and was greeted by Jo’s smiling face!

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The history of massage dates back to 3000BC where it was considered ‘life health’ medicine. Massage therapy has been passed down through thousands of generations. The benefits are widespread including: injury healing and prevention, pain relief, improved circulation, lower stress levels and improved immunity. 
My remedial therapist, Ashley, was professional and attentive to my specific concerns. Due to my scoliosis, I hold a lot of tension on the right side of my body. I had not been adjusted (by a chiropractor) in 3 weeks, so this tension had built up and was occupying valuable space in my mind. I rolled off the table with a deep towel imprint on my forehead, wiping drool off my chin- hallmark signs that a deep state of relaxation was achieved!

Float Lab Wembley offers relaxation, remedial and pregnancy massage. It is recommended to float after a massage to draw out toxins released by the massage. 

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A sweat session in the midst of Winter that boosts circulation and rejuvenates the skin is always a treat. Especially when there is no exercise required! You can actually burn up to 600 calories in half an hour. Infrared saunas differ from regular saunas by using infrared light to heat the body from within rather than the air. I am the type of person who is always cold.  Perth’s moderate Winter sees me wearing thermal leggings and tops, cooking in front of any heat source I can find. I could not leap into the sauna fast enough! I gleefully sat and breathed in the hot, humid air and thought of nothing whilst watching the temperature creep up to 66 degrees. Sweating is your body’s natural way of eliminating toxins and most people will be dripping with sweat during the half hour session. My cold body barely broke a sweat, but it was still pure, toasty, bliss! Cool, oral rehydration water is thoughtfully supplied to ensure you stay hydrated during and after the sauna.

Float Lab has several packages to choose from, depending on how often you like to sweat it out.

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You’ve seen these neon sci-fi pods trending on social media. Introducing Float Lab’s main passion- floatation therapy! Floatation therapy is the science of managing multiple sensory triggers, controlling and maintaining them at the desired level for the entire float. Floatation therapy has been shown to improve relaxation, mood, immune function, overall wellbeing and magnesium absorption; and reduce pain, swelling, fatigue and anxiety. The aim is to provide the body with the perfect opportunity to induce a meditative state.

Each pod has its own room equipped with a shower, shampoo, conditioner and body wash. The lovely Karoliina explained the process in detail. Showering and washing your hair is essential to ensure that no oils from your body contaminate the float water. For those wondering, yes you can float naked if you like!
The water contains over 500kg of magnesium sulphate, which is absorbed through the skin, helping to put your body into rest and digest mode. It is warm at 35 degrees and unexpectedly slippery and silky. I popped in the supplied earplugs, hopped in, closed the lid of my pod and turned off the lights. 

Karoliina warned me that the first time is the most difficult, and she was right. With no sight, sound or touch, I became acutely aware of my heart thudding in my ears. I was sure that it was beating too fast. I practiced all the meditation techniques I knew, but still felt slightly on edge. My foot bumped into the side of the pod and I almost had a heart attack! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to achieve the desired state of meditation where time becomes but a mere construct. 

My experience seems typical of one’s first time floating. As with everything, it becomes easier the more you do it. Despite not floating as well as I would have liked, I walked out of Float Lab feeling very zen. I slept for a full 9 hours that night and my digestion was fantastic. 


Life these days is complicated and stressful. We owe it to ourselves to look after our mind and body so that our systems can operate with ease. Float Lab Wembley has something to offer everyone. Whether you need to wind down, give your system a reset, or are simply curious about floating, you will benefit! Check out their packages here

Float Lab is currently involved a study to investigate the effectiveness of floating in reducing symptoms of anxiety in FIFO workers.

Float Lab Wembley
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