Happiness = Double Rainbow feeding you fast

Happiness = Double Rainbow feeding you fast

Winter Hall at The Rechabite

Escape to The Rechabite this winter. Venture up the stairs to the Winter Hall. Think long german beer tables with a group of friends fresh outta iso. Plenty of beer, cocktails if you fancy and food powered by Double Rainbow.

The hot tip – Feed Me Fast $45 designed for two people:

Grilled flank steak (brined) with chilli + Sichuan peppercorn rub + Chinese BBQ Sauce

Cucumber and lychee salad with vermicelli, coriander mint and peanuts
Chicken wings, fish sauce and chilli vinegar

Thai Style Peanuts with Anchovies & Dried Chillies

4 x Lotus buns + Sambal

Find out more info here.

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