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Not Just Aesthetics

My name’s Katie and I’m a fashion addict. And a makeup addict. And an all-around beauty addict. Hell if it looks good and it makes me feel great then I’m all for just about anything!

Born and raised in Manchester in the UK, I moved out here to Perth back in 2008 and fell completely in love… twelve years later here we are!

I’ve been writing since 2017 about all things Fashion and Beauty. A lifetime on stage as an actor and dancer has meant that I’ve had the privilege of being exposed to all the wonderful things that can be achieved with makeup, hair, clothing and more – it’s certainly left me with a love for a bit of dramatic flair when it comes to day to day fashion and beauty! Blending in? Not my jam.

Being inherently British I was raised to believe that good personal presentation is a form of good manners. I’ve lived by these words my whole life, as well and intertwining it with my own ethos that everything you wear from head to toe should make you feel amazing, comfortable, and 100% you.

I also spent many years in tourism which meant I was lucky enough to experience some of the most wonderful adventures our state has to offer. I’ve not been everywhere but it’s on my list! I’ve learnt over the past twelve years that the Perth lifestyle is so wonderfully unique to anywhere else in the world and is constantly changing as we move forward with the times. I look forward to writing all about it and connecting with some of the best movers and shakers Perth has to offer!

Much love guys,

Katie xx