Jordan Kay

Not Just Aesthetics

Hey Guys, Jordan Kay here from NOT JUST AESTHETICS.

A little bit about myself; Other than being a very outgoing person with a huge personality and a love for fashion, I’ve lived an interesting life!

I’ve been lucky enough to have ventured into many different opportunities over the past, which has taken me to many different sides of the world. These ventures have enabled me to experience more than many at 25, from TV presenting and stage shows, to working as a celebrity stylist. My latest career venture is to dive into the huge world of social media, Youtube and now with Perth Happenings journalism.

Over at NOT JUST AESTHETICS you’ll find the latest from style trends, beauty secrets and the trendiest go to places here in Perth!

One of my favourite things about this city is that we have the luxury to go from city to surf in minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Sit back, relax and discover with me all that Perth has to offer.