Emma Ruben

Hi I’m Emma a freelance writer based in Perth, WA!

I recently graduated from Curtin University with a BA in Literary and Cultural Studies. As someone who loves studying (big nerd) I went back to complete my Honours thesis where I spent a year researching and writing about post-colonial narratives in Harry Potter – with a special focus on Dobby!

My first love was reading and writing. Having studied English at university, this only cemented my love for all things literature. During my final year at university I fell into the world of marketing and ended up sticking around to see if it could become my new love! I really enjoy content creation and helping others build their business through thoughtful and conscious words.

When I’m not writing, you can find me reading a book and ignoring the world, going for a snorkel in the summer or watching terrible reality TV. My biggest dream is to write a book and win Survivor.


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