Charlotte Spraggs

Hi! I’m Charlotte and I write for Perth Happenings’ millennial view section.

I’ve grown up in the hills my whole life so am well acquainted with that fun 50-minute commute to the amazing CBD, but it’s all worth it to experience the incredible things it has to offer.

I study Journalism, PR and Security Studies and sometimes work on the Western Independent. I have had some great opportunities to interview and give voice to really interesting and unique people in Perth as well as businesses and government workers.

In my spare time you will find me dancing anywhere I can, whether it is teaching, performing on stage or on a night out. Perth’s music scene is also insane, so I try to get to every gig I can from San Cisco to Spacey Jane.

I wouldn’t say I am addicted to coffee, but you wouldn’t catch me without one in my hand at all times before 10am, so if you need any recommendations, I am your go-to-girl!

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