Perth’s Best Asian Street Food – LunchBar by T Sisters

Perth’s Best Asian Street Food – LunchBar by T Sisters

By Anastasia Antrobus and Pieta Sharpe

When the team is asked “Would you like to go out together to try out Perth’s newest, but most awesome Asian street food?” they of course all say yes! I work to ensure Perth Happenings showcases the best of Perth and it is even better when the best is locally owned. It was fantastic being some of the first to try LunchBar by T Sisters as I have been a fan since I first tried their food ‘truck’ at Stirling Farmer’s Market years ago. For me personally, I could not wait to try all of the new menu items, but won’t lie to you Perth, that laksa is the best I’ve ever had.

As this was a team experience we are creating this feature together. Anastasia is a food blogger. She knows food, she knows all about flavour and what an incredible food experience looks like. Marko is our food photographer, and as you will see from these photos, he has some serious talent. Me, I just know what good food tastes like, and what I like in a business I want to support. If you are yet to try out LunchBar by T Sisters, I almost guarantee that after reading Anastasia’s description you will be heading out the door faster than you can say prawn dumplings. As a final thought, I can confirm, the food tasted JUST as good as it looks! – Pieta


Food made with real love and passion is food for the soul. ‘T-sisters’ has been open for some time now bringing you pops of flavours and leaving a satisfying impression throughout the foodie markets and events of Perth and now, they’ve got a set spot to continue delivering these gorgeous flavours at their newly opened lunch bar in Osborne Park.

Mumma Hawker (as they like to call her) is in her 70’s but still stands at the kitchen wok creating her incredible ‘Kuey Teow’ from scratch! She withstands the heat without breaking a sweat and her upper arm strength creating this dish is one to be admired. Bursting with flavours and crunch from fresh produce, it’s a family recipe you want to get amongst! All the meals here are! They are fresh, flavoursome and leave you happily satisfied.

Each plate is full of colours and incredible taste but most importantly, every dish is made with love and passion. It’s easy to see just how much devotion goes in behind the scenes and in the dishes you consume at LunchBar by T Sisters.

Felicia (one of the daughters of Mumma Hawker) works incredibly hard and has some unreal stories of how they came to be. How everything ‘T-sisters’ came from an accident. Intrigued?

You’ll have to go visit and find out the rest of the story for yourself but yes, it is the fire and passion that goes into the food here that keeps people coming back time and time again. It’s what people love! Food that makes them feel something and T-sisters does exactly this!

Are you ready to undertake an adventure like no other?

You will find LunchBar by T Sisters at 1 Ruse street (cnr Drake) Osborne Park

Check out their Facebook page here for more details!