A Millenials guide to Perth’s Best indoor plants

A Millenials guide to Perth’s Best indoor plants

What originally started out as an indie trend or fad in the past has now become a global sensation for youth around the world. Yes, that’s right, we are talking about indoor plants! Whether your new to the parent hood of indoor plants or your a very experienced horticulturist, this guide will give you the best spots for Perth’s best indoor plants to buy your newest plant babies and some cool spots to buy the amazing pots they well and truly deserve.

  1. Pigeonhole ( Leederville )

Located on the picturesque Oxford street lies Pigeonhole, a millennials oasis to everything hip and in, from clothing to homewares. But nothing takes your breath away more than when you walk into their store into what seems a museum of foliage. Stunningly displayed are their menagerie of indoor plants ranging from rustic cacti to gigantic Monstera all eloquently displayed on pale pink pedestals and plinths. To match the funky range of species they stock are some equally hip pots in all shapes and colours. If you are in Leederville this is a store I would 100% stop in and check out.

Photo by Liam Crighton

0.2 Lena Nursery ( Wangara )

If your on the hunt for indoor and outdoor plants in all shapes and sizes I would definitely recommend stopping in at Lena Nursery, which is located on Wanneroo road in Wangara. A 40 year family owned and operated nursery that is nothing short but well stocked in all things green. With an incredible range of succulents to citrus trees it is the garden of eden of nurseries, and a local family business that we should all get behind and support. Lena nurseries instagram page is full of aesthetically pleasing Inspo that will get your green thumbs tingling and you in your car and off to Wangara.

Photo by @lenanurseryperth

0.3 Waldecks Garden Centres ( Stirling, Kingsley , Bentley, Melville )

Proudly Western Australia and family owned and operated for 50 years , Waldecks grows and sources some of Perths best plants for professional landscapers, interior designers and those of us who just want to fill our homes with greenery. With stores conveniently located in Stirling, Kingsley, Bentley and Melville, we the people of Perth are spoilt with choice. So whether you are after some colour for your flower beds or some incredibly long and quirky devils ivy for your floating shelves. Waldecks has everything you could need and more.

Photo by @waldeckskingsleygardencentre

0.4 Bar Botanik ( North Perth )

Titled ” an inner city haven for people with a love of plants, quality homewares and coffee”, Bar Botanik encompasses everything that is an inner city millennial. Yes us youngsters may be coffee snobs but add some extravagant indoor plants to the mix and what do we get? Absolute bliss. What is an interior designers heaven, the moment you walk in an enigma of creativity and ore overtakes you, filling you with endless indoor plant possibilities. What seems like a posh city greenhouse is a family owned store who have a passion for plants and design. Bar Botanik also offers a wide range of incredible pots your future plants can call home. So if you need a place to catchup with a friend over a coffee and feel like treating yourself to a new plant, Bar Botanik needs to be at the top of your list.

When it comes to indoor plants Perth has an endless list of stores and nurseries to fill all your millennial horticultural needs. And above are some places we highly recommend checking out. If you do take my advice and visit one of these fabulous stores, ( plant lover to plant lover) you will thank me later.

Please tag us in your next plant baby purchase @perthhapenings and we would love to showcase Perths ever-growing love for everything that is indoor plants.

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