The Perth Personal trainer focusing on fitness to boost mental health.

Exercise is a great way to build your confidence, increase your fitness, focus your mind and lift your mood!

Our bodies are powered by the mind so if you are not in a good head space how do we push our bodies to be motivated, to exercise and make healthy lifestyle choices?

Introducing Daphne a Perth personal trainer with a different approach to tackling your health and fitness goals. Daphne has struggled with depression, anxiety and body image issues from the young age of 16. Through seeking the help of professionals and falling in love with exercise she has grown and learnt ways to handle the demons of her past.

Through this and her love of keeping fit both mentally and physically, Daphne was fueled with a passion to help others. Becoming a personal trainer to help people use exercise as a tool but with a focus on creating a healthy mind as well as the body, and through this Daphne’s business was born – The Mood Lifter.

I had the opportunity to work with Daphne on a 6 week course that she developed – This is a personalized program of both exercise and lifestyle planning, with each week focusing on a different aspect to work towards achieving my personal goals.

Week 1: Distinguishing your goals. What is your WHY?

Week 2: Focusing on routine and mindset.

Week 3: Motivation

Week 4: Nutrition

Week 5: Revisiting your Goals

Week 6: Self care

Before we started the program Daphne and I discussed in depth exactly what I wanted in terms of my fitness goals and also my life goals. Daphne explains that both goals impact each other and she’s 100% correct, we came up with a plan of achievable goals that have a realistic time frame. After I established my goals, we started focusing on routine and mindset, focusing on what I could commit to long term and what sort of actions could be put in place to achieve a regular and realistic commitment to exercise and eating healthy.

Daphne Perth personal trainer with a difference – The Mood Lifter

During one of our weekly training and mindset sessions, we talked about self-care. During this session, it dawned on me that I didn’t realize how busy I’d been or think about how fatigued I was becoming. I was run down, my state of mind and motivation had dropped. It felt easier not to prepare my meals or make poor choices when it came to food and I was being so hard on myself but Daphne was gentle and very perceptive. She pushed me to look at these aspects of my life more closely and how they were affecting me and in turn my approach to my fitness goals. Through our discussions I was compelled to get a checkup at the doctor, I’m happy I did – I was low in iron and vitamin D making so much sense to how I was feeling and also knowing this allowed me to make changes and improvements towards my health. It also showed me I was being so hard on myself for nothing!

Let talk about the workouts!

Daphne takes into account, your mood and stress levels into account when putting you through a workout BUT do not think for one second that she won’t put you through your paces and give you one hell of a workout! I did weight training sessions which I loved but she programs her sessions based on your fitness level and individual goals.

The Mood Lifter program It is not a quick fix mentality; health and fitness is something that you want to set yourself up with for the long run – it truly is a lifestyle change. It is something Daphne is extremely passionate about; She believes in fitness for mental health as the two go hand in hand.

From my personal experience, Daphne is a breath of fresh air for the fitness industry, she loves what she does and is motivated by helping people unlock their potential through living a healthier lifestyle – starting from the inside – out.

If you would like to know more about Daphne, an innovative Perth personal trainer and the different programs and training packages she offers head over to the website – THE MOOD LIFTER

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Rose @justyouraverage_rose

Written in collaboration with The Mood Lifter.

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