We all know that kids need to spend more time outdoors getting back to nature, but if you have a small backyard or don’t live near any safes spaces to explore nature it can be difficult to get that creative outdoor time. Enter…Perth nature play spaces!

Perth has so many fabulous nature play spaces. We’re even seeing many schools adopt this way of play and use of materials in their playgrounds. My girls have always loved nature play, mostly because there isn’t any set way to play. Nature play is all about exploring, getting messy, discovering and being creative. It’s a well-known fact that nature play has some amazing benefits for kids. Namely building cognitive abilities, developing problem-solving skills, increasing creativity and building self-confidence just to name a few.

We’ve put together our list of top nature play spots around the Perth metro area.

Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park, Perth

For me this is the ultimate when it comes to nature play. Being surrounding by bushland adds to the whole experience at Rio Tinto Naturescape, Kings Park. There are so many different things to do here for all ages and each space is different from the next. My kids love the creek and waterhole, be prepared for knee-deep water; the pebbles are really smooth and there are cool logs to balance on over the creek.

My children are also big fans of the python. It’s a 40-metre-long abstract shaped; you guessed it, python! You’ll have the best view of the treetops and bushland from here as it reaches up to seven metres high in some spots! It’s advisable to stick to exploring one at a time especially if your kids are very young, the entire area is very large. Don’t forget to pack a change of clothes and a small towel for the kids, the creek and waterhole gets us every time!

Image: Kings Park & Botanic Gardens; The Python

Kingsway Regional playground (dinosaur park), Kingsway

If your kids are into dinosaurs then you need to visit this park! Located in the heart of the Kingsway sporting complex this park is certain to keep your little ones amused. One of the features includes some cool sensory play. There’s a giant dinosaur that kids are welcome to climb all over. Balancing logs, a fab area for making music, a small water play area plus fossils to be found if you have a dig around. This nature space is suited more towards younger kids, toddlers to lower primary.

Carawatha Park, Willagee

You’ll never run out of things to do at Carawatha Park, there is loads of fun to be had! Water play, sand play, balancing beams and stepping stones; there is so much to engage with. The park also features many big shady trees and has an open grassed area. If your kids are into wheels, definitely bring along their bike, scooter or skateboards as there are plenty of pathways.

Image: City of Melville; Carawatha Park

Chevron Parkand (Optus Stadium), Burswood

This space is iconic and impressively large. It was “designed to ignite the imagination and connect kids with nature and indigenous culture.”

The park was created with input from the Whadjuk community, inspired by the Noongar six seasons. The whole family can learn about indigenous culture and ways of life from the signage dotted around the park. Kids will love all the climbing, playing on the forts, going through the tunnels and even building their own cubby

Image: Hassell; Chevron parkland
Image: Hassell; Chevron parkland

Pia’s Place Whiteman Park, Caversham

Pias’ place is the perfect nature play space for kids of all abilities, created in memory of baby Pia Maeve Rudd who died suddenly from SIDS. “Amy Rudd, Pia’s Mum, wanted to create a space for children of all abilities to have fun. She had a strong focus to remove many of the barriers to participating often experienced by people with disabilities”.

The focal point is a giant 8-metre-tall lighthouse. The family will also enjoy a carousel swing, balancing logs, rope bridges, a very fun looking flying fox plus loads more. Parking is available near the nature space. Alternatively, Pia’s Place has it’s own tram stop just nearby and who doesn’t love a Whiteman Park tram ride?

Where’s your favourite nature play space?  Use the #perthhappenings tag on social so we can see where your fav spots are.