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The Washing Line Economy | ‘People Change’ Single Launch

Rosemount Hotel 459 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth

The Washing Line Economy are eager to release their latest single "People Change". People Change is a psych-pop, introspective reflection of emotion and is the second single off their upcoming debut album Supply & Demand.

The Liquid Project – What You Know Single Launch

Mojos Bar Fremantle

The Liquid Project f.k.a Liquid Liquid, is proud to launch their new single “What You Know”. To celebrate, they have enlisted some of Fremantle’s finest, DJ Swami, and the Bambuseae Rhythm Section for a night of dance, disco and funk, at none other than Mojo’s Bar. Come on down for what is sure to be...

Sweet Oblivion Third Show show back at HQ

YMCA HQ 60A Frame Court, Western Australia

Sweet Oblivion is BACK! Cool Perth Nights & YMCA HQ bring you the best in up and coming young bands - be the first to witness the stars of the future! Post No Bills, Flannel Mouth, Jac Donnelly and Contraband play YMCA HQ on Friday October 2nd, 2020! Tickets are $10 at the door from...

Datura4 play Mojo’s Bar

Mojos Bar Fremantle

Saturday October 3 Datura4 play Mojo's Bar. The current line up of Datura4 band members boasts the songs, inimitable band leader styles and guitarsmithery of Dom Mariani, the otherwise lost rock organ smarts and riffs and more generally exceptional piano skills of Bob Patient, Mr always holding it down on bass humble and clever Stu...

Georga Raath | Band Launch

Mojos Bar Fremantle

Come on down and celebrate the launch of my band with me and some friends! After months of rehearsal (and one cheeky lil' set at Indi ) the band is finally ready to bring you some funky tunes to get your groove on. With support from superbly talented and funky fresh bands Sunsick, Club Sentimental and...

Primary POP / Bad Weather, Tash Marie, ALOOF, Juliette Elizabeth

The Sewing Room Basement / Wolf Lane 317 Murray Street, Perth

Primary Pop Edition #1 Heaps Cool Music have a little thing with new and local pop, synth, experiential, lo-fi, acoustic and folk music and we want to bring you into our world. Primary Pop is giving a platform for new and upcoming artists we love to showcase their music on a line up with legends...

Soukouss Internationale

Rosemount Hotel 459 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth

Tonight catch Soukouss Internationale, Muchos Mariachi, Charlie Bucket, Loco Ren and Pilgrim of Funk at Rosemount Hotel. Yes yes! Souokouss Internationale (WA) will bring gorgeous melodies, pumping Congolese rhythms and scorching guitar to showcase authentic, energetic African music. Bring your dancing shoes!

Goodness Me… It’s LVC!

Rosemount Hotel 459 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth

What's all that thunderous applause that's got the ground shaking? Who's celebrating their final graduation showcase for 2020? And who brought all this dang GLITTER in here? Goodness Me... It's LVC! Join the cast of Lady Velvet Cabaret as they kick up their heels in true cabaret style on October 11. Featuring performances from the award-winning LVC...