Mother Fremantle – Perth’s best vegan spot

Mother Fremantle is an institution!

It’s Freo’s go-to hub for all things wellness and sustainable. Previously known as the Raw Kitchen (serving only raw, vegan cuisine), the business evolved with owners Heath and Em to reflect a broader love for plant-based eating. The name Mother was chosen to show “the greatest reverence for Mother Earth, and this incredible planet we all share.”

You can feel love just walking into the industrial chic warehouse. It gives me tingles!



A highlight of the space is the Zero store. It’s filled with organic and sustainable living items ranging from clean beauty and keep cups to organic loose leaf teas. Upstairs is home to Yogalab Fremantle.


Mother boasts an impressive selection of all natural, vegan alcoholic beverages. I’m not a drinker, but I can tell the alcohol menu is impressive just by reading the list. In particular, the cocktails ‘Chamomile Tequila Greenpoint’ and the ‘Matcha Martini’ stood out to me. I’ve never seen chamomile or matcha used in a cocktail before!


The non-alcoholic menu features some unique categories such as non-alcoholic botanical drinks, housemade kombucha and hot tonic elixirs as well as your more regular juices, smoothies, coffee and tea. Our waitress strongly suggested trying the hot tonic elixirs and boy am I glad I did!


I present to you the Purity hot tonic elixir.


An earthy, powerhouse blend of matcha, maca, toasted sesame, thistle, burdock, cascara, schizandra, dandelion root, artichoke, triphala, ginger, maple syrup and oat milk. Purity not guaranteed after drinking, but boy was it delicious, grounding and energising!


The chefs spoiled us with an extravagant spread of plant-based goodies.


As someone who hasn’t consumed real cheese in years, the vegan cheese board had me fooled. Served with locally made bread/gluten-free bread, every morsel was thick, creamy, delicious and legitimately tasted like cheese! I had to double check that it was indeed dairy-free.

My tastebuds were in absolute heaven and I could have eaten the whole platter if my guest hadn’t fought me over it.



I enjoyed the Greens bowl and Soba Noodles bowl, both of which showcase a variety of textures combined with punchy pickled and smokey flavours. Next time I want to try the Pizza and the Stoneground Corn Tacos.

For me, the star of the show was the vegan cheese board. It’s a must-try!

Mother Fremantle was a part of our Perth Happenings Local Foodie Bucketlist and was the overall winner in the “Vegan and Dietary Requirements” Category.

Inspired to check Mother Fremantle out? You can find them with the details below, and don’t forget to tag us in your vegan adventures by using #perthhappenings!