Living Rural During COVID-19

Living Rural During COVID-19

Living Rural during Covid-19

by Nicole Langford


COVID19- are you sick of those words yet or are you one who has discovered the silver lining?

 Where have the last months gone? Some days I feel it’s all a blur and think, has this really happened? Others days I’m blown away at how people are using this time to make sure they are lighting up other people’s lives, or even just keeping it real so others they don’t feel there alone.

To me, connection is about showing up on Instagram no matter the good, the bad, the ugly or extremely challenging days. It was about sharing how even the simple things of my daily walk on the farm, inspiring others with what I had planned for my meal on that day. Living rural, doing 2 weekly shops was nothing different to me as I have to travel an hour to get food, so all my meals have to be pre planned. Sharing ideas on keeping my kids in a routine during Covid-19 to help them feel there was some kind normality. Trying to homeschool the three of them proved to be very challenging and definitely took its tool on the teenagers. 

If I’m honest, my favourite thing over this time was discovering my inner dag; a side of me I hadn’t shared before. Expressing that in my photography, creating content for Instagram and stepping outside the box and creating something that will trigger joy.

I think the beauty of the Covid-19 period is how people are showing up to create joy for others, inspiring them and even huge generosity. We saw it in Free workouts, Free workshops or even gifting others because of how this time has effected them financially or mentally. 

Living Rural definitely has it challenges at the best of times, but for us, farming life still went on as it normally does because that is how we make a living. It is seeding time here on the farm, yes it’s all up to Mother Nature, but that is the gamble of life . 

I’m 41 and that’s what fuels me in not only sharing my passion with you, but encouraging you to share your passion too.  

Living rurally you are not encouraged to be anything more than a farmers wife. However, I’m not just your average farmers wife. I’m your everyday women who wants to inspire and be inspired. I want people to believe in themselves, their dreams, but mostly to never give up trying to make it happen. What I have seen over time is women striving to be much more and I’ve seen women create businesses or even their own platforms on Instagram to share their passion, and this makes me proud to live rural. 

Just because someone says your just a farmer wife , doesn’t mean that is just who you are. 

 “You are much more!”


I’m Nikki a mum to Two teenagers and Mr 7 who was late to the party, a farmers wife and here comes the much more.

I’m a blogger, a writer, a content creator and newly labeled influencer.

I share my passion of motherhood, lifestyle, food, style and beauty hacks through my Instagram page to inspire you to live with passion, but mostly encourage you to be your true authentic self and by doing that I share mine.

@kombilife I look forward to E-meeting you.