Your new go-to for lashes in the Northern Suburbs

Your new go-to for lashes in the Northern Suburbs

Ladies, we all have so much to do these days right? It almost feels that we’re doing something wrong if we aren’t “busy.”

I am one who falls into this category. I put self-care at the bottom of the list after the kids, work, all that washing that keeps reminding me that it should take less than 7 days to fold and put away.. yep – I’m that gal.

With that in mind I decided to do something that would give me more time sporting some gorgeous lash extensions, have me feeling fabulous and support a lovely local business too; I didn’t have to look far to find Margie from Eloquent Eyes.

Margie did what so many of us wish we could –  leave our day job and follow what brings us joy. With that in mind, in 2017, Eloquent Eyes was created. Starting from a home based salon, Margie quickly grew her business to the salon it is today, based in Padbury. Margie’s focus for her and her team is to provide an on going long term relationship with her client. She prides herself on getting to know her client and offering services specific to your needs. It is a true family business with her daughter as part of the team too.

When I decided that I wanted to try lash extensions to save time getting ready and look glamourous, I won’t lie, I was a bit apprehensive. They are a big investment, they require maintenance and would it even make a difference to my overall look? I think my before and afters showcase THAT answer, but it is more the experience itself.

The shopping centre that homes Eloquent Eyes is a little local one so parking is free and easily accessible (a HUGE plus for me!). The salon itself has a clean white fitout and you can see that Margie takes her Covid-19 safety precautions seriously. Eloquent Eyes specialises in brows and lashes, but they also offer spray tans and facials are on their way soon. Margie and her team are trained TrueBrow Specialists. They have all been extensively trained in creating the perfect shape for your face which is an added bonus!

Before the treatment commenced I chatted with Margie about the look I was hoping for. We discussed how full I wanted my lash extensions to look and I didn’t feel silly when I actually had no idea! I just wanted to look ‘polished.’ After we acertained that I wanted a full glam look, I was asked to lie down, keep my eyes closed and be as still as possible for the whole appointment- that was 90 minutes! Could I, a notorious chatterbox, be able to do that? The first ten minutes was quite tricky. When you know you can’t do something you really want to (hello no carb diets!), and it is all you focus on. Once I settled in and just started listening to the chatter around me, relaxing into this me time, I felt completely comfortable and safe. I was almost at the point of falling asleep.

I went for a full glam look with lots of lashes. I did not even feel the lash extensions going on if I am honest. There was no stinging, no tugging, just a few moments to enjoy being still. It is now three weeks following the service and I am very pleased to say that my lashes are still very full. I believe this has a lot to do with the aftercare pack I took home with me and the advice I was given – who knew that lash extensions have their own ‘shampoo’ and brush.

Before Lashes
Immediately after lashes


If you are someone who, like me, was sceptical about them making a difference, just look at these photos; same day, same makeup, no difference except the lashes, and the best part? I wake up like this!

There are many therapists who offer cheap Perth lash extensions, but like with anything in life you get what you pay for. Spend your time researching, look at reviews, but I can guarantee you that if you go to Eloquent Eyes in Padbury, you will leave happy, feeling fabulous and a total lash extension convert like me!

If you head to the Eloquent Eyes website, new clients receive a $25 gift card. Don’t forget to tag us in your makeovers – we can’t wait to see!

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